The “Coliseum” has many amenities that the other gentlemen’s clubs in this state and many other states do not have. Including, but not limited to: “Two Separate Bars” (more than one location to view the entertainment from, including a two-level main bar, for two different views),<br> our “Skyboxes” (private luxury suites overlooking the entertainment), “World Class Wine Cellar” (over 160 bottles of fine wines and champagnes, including 56 personalized wine lockers), <br>“VIP Entertainment Rooms” (two separate and private dance rooms), “Custom Cigar Humidor” (featuring over 25 different cigars, for a diverse selection, and including 28 personalized cigar lockers).<br>

<br>A first for the state of Michigan, our “Heliport” landing pad (land your own helicopter, or take a ride in our very own charter service for a tour of whatever it is that you are interested in seeing from the air).

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